Spring 2019 Update

New Council Members

We welcomed new members to the Transitional Council for the College of Massage Therapists of Alberta (TC-CMTA) in 2019 and congratulate those, who continue to represent 7,000 Massage Therapists practicing in Alberta. 

The council has nine representatives, three from each member association:

Christy Kasur (NHPC) – President 

Jessica Villeneuve (MTAA) - Vice-President

Meagan Dick (RMTA) – Secretary

Melanie Hayden (NHPC) - Treasurer

Heather Goddard (RMTA) – Director

Gina Hendrickson (MTAA) – Director

Kathy Watson (NHPC) – Director

Denise Clark (MTAA) – Director

Jeremy Sayer (RMTA) – Director


The board is a cohesive team of experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. 

Each TC-CMTA member is fully committed to the application process and shares the same values including transparency, accountability, fiscal and financial responsibility and looking forward to ongoing communication with the profession, government and stakeholders.  



A New Minister of Health


Since the provincial election we now have a new government and new Minister of Health to work with. Tyler Shandro who was elected to the Alberta Legislative Assembly on April 16, 2019 has since been sworn in to Premier Jason Kenny’s Cabinet as Health Minister. 


The TC-CMTA will be asking for a face to face meeting with Minister Shandro. Our goal is to have his support for the work that has been done so far and ask him to bring forward legislation to include Massage Therapists in the Alberta Health Professions Act (HPA) in the fall 2019. 


Transitioning Qualification 

Amending the Alberta HPA will precede the shifting of power from the transitional Council for the College of Massage Therapists to the Government appointed Council for the College of Massage Therapists of Alberta. There will be a lot more information going forward regarding how the transition will proceed once we’re ready. 


According to the Application presented to the Government of Alberta in 2016 members will transition into the College of Massage Therapists of Alberta provided that they can demonstrate their competency qualifications in oneof the following ways:

a)    They have completed Massage Therapists Association of Alberta’s Substantial Equivalency process, or

b)    They have completed the Natural Health Practitioners Association’s Competency Equivalency Exam, or

c)     They have graduated from an approved 2200 hour or two year program, or

d)    They have successfully completed a Prior Learning Assessment Review by insurance companies or a member of the coalition, or 

e)    They have completed an entry to practice examination.



Transition Planning


The TC-CMTA will be preparing for the day when the legislation comes into effect to be sure there are well laid out plans for transferring member information into the College’s hands. Updates will be posted on our website and shared with member associations as they become relevant.