Why do we need to be regulated?

The purpose of regulation is to ensure that Registered Massage Therapists practice in a safe, competent and ethical manner, and are able to prove skill and knowledge competency before being able to treat the public under this title.

Will the regulatory body be combined with the massage associations or a separate organization?

The College of Massage Therapists of Alberta will operate independently from all the massage associations in Alberta. 

Will regulation hurt my practice?

If you are currently a Registered Massage Therapist through one of the four Association in Alberta in good standing you will have the opportunity to transition to the College. However, additional training or exams may be required.

How much will certification fees be?

While it is difficult to estimate the annual operating costs at this time, the College of Massage Therapists of Alberta will use other regulated Massage Therapy College’s in Canada as a benchmark to approximate the fees in our application.

When will regulation take place?

There are many variables regarding the time length until regulation. The TC-CMTA is continuously advocating for regulation, and will keep therapists updated on the status.

I’m already a massage therapist. Will I still be able to practice after massage therapy is regulated?

At this time, the title Massage Therapist is not protected, meaning anyone can refer to themselves as a Massage therapist. With regulation, this will become a protected title, and only Registered Massage Therapists with the College will be able to practice Massage Therapy.

Will new members be required to write an exam to become regulated? 

Yes, once the College of Massage Therapists of Alberta is established new applicants will be required to pass any entrance exam(s) to be eligible to obtain a license permit to practice.

Will practice standards be different under government regulation from my association practice standards?

The Associations involved with the Transitional Council for the College of Massage Therapists have worked hard together to develop a Standards of Practice that is agreeable to one another. It may vary slightly from your current Association's Standards of Practice, but will be collectively agreed upon for the betterment of the Profession.

If I’m not regulated by the government can I still practice massage therapy?

You will be able to provide massage, however in regulated provinces the insurance companies consider only those who are listed on the college registry for insurance reimbursement. Those practicing in regulated provinces, are required to abide by the rules associated with working in that environment (ie can not be called an RMT, etc.).

What does protected title mean? 

Title protection as part of the regulation of a profession is one mechanism used to help the public readily identify individuals registered with the College. It is a privilege extended to those who have met the Massage Therapy entry to practice requirements and maintain their accountability.

Will we still have to charge GST once we are regulated?

When a profession has 5 provinces that are regulated, they can apply to become tax exempt. Currently there are 5 provinces across Canada that are regulated in Massage Therapy, we are currently having this reviewed to be tax exempt.

How many massage therapists are there in Alberta?

Approximately 6000

Will I still need a City Business Licence as a Massage Practitioner when we are regulated?

No, we will then be considered health care practitioners, and therefore will no longer be required to hold Massage Practitioner Licences.